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在新加坡,几乎四分之一的居民患有高血压。这在 30 至 69 岁的成年人中很常见。高血压是当您的收缩压 140 mmHg 或更高或舒张压 90 mmHg 或更高。也可以两者兼而有之。 

In most cases, it is very hard to pinpoint the cause of hypertension but risk factors such as obesity, diabetes, smokers and also those who have high blood cholesterol do have a higher risk of developing hypertension. What’s scary about hypertension is that those who suffer from it usually do not experience any symptoms, just headaches occasionally or giddiness. As these symptoms are very common in other diseases, hypertension can go unnoticed easily until other life-threatening illness or sickness sets in. 

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对于血压读数较高的人,高血压通常通过药物控制。至于传统中医 (TCM) 方法,患者将接受口服草药处方、针灸以及拔罐或推拿按摩,以帮助控制血压。话虽如此,仍然建议寻求西医治疗,以预防高血压可能引起的任何并发症。


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  • Limit your intake on all types of fats and go for unsaturated fats instead of saturated ones. 
  • 减少胆固醇含量高的食物。 
  • 限制您每天的酒精摄入量 - 不超过两杯。 
  • 开始定期锻炼!建议每周锻炼 150 分钟,每次至少持续 10 分钟。  
  • Try TCM Health supplements for cholesterol support but consult your doctor to see if you are suitable before adding to your diet.