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Tossing and turning in bed at night but still can’t get some shut-eye when you know you have to wake up early for work the next day can be frustrating. If you’ve tried turning in earlier, or other various methods to get a more restful sleep but they do not seem to be working, maybe these TCM herbs can help you to achieve the quality sleep you need. 

根据 中医药, insomnia and sleep-related problems are a result of a deficiency of Qi, also known as the vital energy in our body. The deficiency of Qi will affect and cause an imbalance of yin and yang in our body. When this happens, it affects the quality of our sleep. 

There are many different causes of insomnia and sleep disorders. It’s important to seek a certified TCM physician to have them diagnose the cause of your problem and seek treatment that is suitable for your body.

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Here are three well-known TCM herbs that can help to promote better sleep! 

1. Chrysanthemum Flower Tea

Get dried chrysanthemum flowers from any TCM stores in Singapore. Let them steep in hot water for a few minutes and add rock sugar and peppermint leaves. This flower tea is not only cooling for the body, it can help to improve the flow of qi in the liver

2. Dried Longan Fruit

If you have trouble falling asleep due to indigestion or heartburn, these fruits might just do the trick. Longan fruits are great for the digestive system, aiding your body in improving digestion. Make a longan tea with these fruits or cheng teng, a local dessert that can be found in many hawker centres in Singapore. 

3. Jujube Dates

Also known as Chinese Dates, these small red fruits can help with insomnia. In TCM, insomnia is caused by qi and blood deficiency. Chinese dates can replenish and nourish your blood, improving blood circulation. They can be added to many dishes such as soups or porridge. Alternatively, you can let a few Chinese dates steep in hot water and adding goji berries and rock sugar for taste. 

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You can also try some TCM supplements to go with your diet for better sleep. 全连“乌灵参好睡眠” helps address sleep issues and from a TCM perspective, promotes natural healthy sleep by regulating the yin-yang balance of the body. Modern research has shown that Wu Ling Shen’s unique combination of sleep nutrients can help to relax the brain and promote calmness.