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Is My Child Too Young For TCM?

Considering to get your child treated using the 中西药补 approach? TCM uses mainly herbs for its treatment, together along with other techniques such as tuina massages and acupuncture. You can turn to local TCM stores in Singapore for treatment regarding common ailments in children such as fever, colds and runny nose.

Some physicians even noted that they have treated babies as young as one month old! Always visit licensed physicians and consult them before feeding their kid any form of herbal medication. Follow the recommended dosage of the prescribed medicine as a child’s body constitution is different from that of an adult. 

However, treatments such as acupuncture are usually not recommended for children due to their fidgeting nature and also their fear of needles. Paediatric tuina, on the other hand, would be recommended instead as it comprises of gentle techniques that are more suitable for a child.

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I can only visit a TCM clinic when my child is sick. 

Even when your child is healthy, you can make a trip down and consult the physician if your child is prone to falling sick or has a weak digestive system, constipation etc. TCM is all about prevention and improving one’s general well-being. Visiting a TCM clinic may help boost your child’s 免疫系统 and keep them in the pink of health by adjusting the flow of qi in their body. 

It’s hard to get them to take TCM herbs. 

Most TCM herb medicine are either bitter or foul-smelling which even adults find hard to take a liking to it. Ask for pills instead where herbs are made into capsules so that it’s tasteless and easy to swallow. 

If your child has to take the herbs, prepare something sweet snacks such as banana or dried raisins so your child could eat it to combat that bitter after-taste in their mouth. Alternatively, dissolve them in milk or add honey to it. The younger they are exposed to TCM medication, the easier it will be for them!

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TCM effects are slow. 

That is not necessarily true. Common ailments such as sore throat and cold may be resolved in a matter of 1 or two days using TCM remedies! Other illnesses such as digestive problems might take a few more rounds of medicine to see any improvements while a full recovery usually requires weeks or months. However, if there is any sickness which requires immediate medical attention, such as high fever and food poisoning, it’s best to seek western medicine. 

All TCM physicians are the same. 

Just like how you would go to an eye specialist if you’re facing some issues with your eyes, you should do some research and make an appointment with a TCM physician that specializes in the area of illness you wish to seek treatment for. Visit TCM clinic’s website if they have and look at the list of their TCM physicians. It would usually show their credentials and also what they specialize in.