01. Spring Cleaning

Who says that only Spring Cleaning is only for Chinese New Year? Take this time to get down to work, going through all your items in your house and decluttering them. It is a huge task to go through every item in your house in one weekend, so separate your house into different sections and allocate one weekend for one section. For example, you can do one bedroom for one weekend! Don’t forget your kitchen – don’t be surprised to find expired food items left forgotten in the fridge or the cabinet! 

02. Mini Indoor Garden

Did you know that having plants around the house does not only have aesthetic purposes? Having the right plants can help to purify the air at home without the use of air-purifying machines, saving some electric bill! They also create a relax and peaceful space for you to get some quality rest and recharge your body before getting back to the hustle and bustle of life again. 

03. Cook together

Instead of heading out and squeezing with the crowds during the weekends for meals, cook a meal together! This can help to hone your cooking skills and bond together even better as you cook with your partner. If cooking is really not your forte, ordering food in is also another option! 

04. Movie marathons.

Are both of you a Potterhead? Or love those classic 90s’ movies? Minimize heading out for a movie and stay some bucks at the same time by catching up on these movies at home instead! Grab some microwave popcorn and snuggle up for the movie nights!

05. Play Board/Cardgames

When was the last time you played board games? Snakes and ladders, UNO, chess and many more just bring back fond childhood memories! Time to take them out again and start bonding over these games with your special one! 

06. Get crafty

Is there a DIY project that you’ve been wanting to do at home? Maybe it’s refurbishing that old side table for the living room or repurposing that old glass jar into holders. Get creative and upcycle the things you have at home to create something new and useful for the house! 

07. Let your music juices flow

If both of you enjoying singing or grooving to the music, make it a date night of K sessions or dancing night! But be careful, you do not want the next-door-neighbours to be pounding on your door for the ruckus!

08. Netflix and Chill

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