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Having enough blood in the blood bank has helped save many lives in all kinds of situations – whether it’s childbirth, accidents or disorders such as anaemia which requires blood transfusion. That’s why it’s crucial that we have enough blood of different types in the blood bank. 

However, there are tons of blood donation myths that deters many from doing their part in saving lives. Let’s debunk some of these myths!

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Blood Donation Myths: 

#1. Donating blood will be painful because the size of the needle is huge!

Blood donation is certainly not as scary as it sounds! Local anaesthetic will be applied to your arm so all you’ll feel is just a small prick! Many of us have experienced injections at some point of our lives. This will definitely not be anymore painful than what we’ve experienced before, don’t worry! 

#2.  There are enough blood donors around

Did you know that blood only has a shelf life of 6 months? That’s why blood donation is important to ensure that there’s always a steady supply of blood in the blood bank! 

#3.  Blood donation takes a long time

While the whole blood donation takes around 45-60minutes, the actual donation process actually takes only around 10mins or so. Filling in the forms and other registration processes is what takes up most of the time. 

#4. You cannot donate if you’re too skinny

Yes, there is actually a minimum weight requirement when it comes to blood donation. As long as you’re at least 50kg and in good health, you’re eligible to donate blood. As blood volume is in proportion to the body weight, those who weigh below 50kg might not be able to handle the volume of blood that’s removed from the body. 

#5. If I donate blood, I won’t have enough

Only 8-12% of the blood volume is taken during blood donation, depending on the individual’s weight. Blood volume will be back to normal in about three days, and your body will replenish itself with new blood within a few weeks!

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Make your first blood donation and help save more lives by visiting any of these blood banks below: 

  • Bloodbank@HSA
  • Bloodbank@Dhoby Ghaut
  • Bloodbank@Woodlands
  • Bloodbank@Westagte Tower

Book your appointment before going down to the blood banks to reduce your waiting time. Besides these places, there are also community blood drives at seven other places around Singapore! Take the first step in saving lives and give back to the community today.