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正在考虑 中西药补 supplements? Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) provides a holistic and natural approach – most of its ingredients are extracted from plants, making it natural and safe for consumption.

As there are many TCM health supplements on the market, when buying a TCM health supplement, do check the label of the product and buy it from reputable sources! 

TCM health supplements are also on the rise because its primary focus is strengthening the body, improving general health as a whole. This means if you’re prone to cold and flus, TCM would focus on improving the immune system, not just treating the symptoms of cold and flus alone. 

Read more to find out what are the health benefits of TCM supplements!   


As mentioned, most of the ingredients used in Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) supplements are extracted from natural sources – usually from plants. These nutrients are then packed into a form of capsules or pills. As ingredients are organic and natural, it has zero to few side effects as long as one follows the dosage on the label.


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TCM supplements do not aim to treat the symptoms. Instead,  it aims to treat the person as a whole, improving their general wellness.

For example, for those suffering from joint problems, they can take TCM supplements, such as the “全连关节骨复康” . It does not only help in promoting the growth of cartilage; it can also prevent constipation as Vitamin C is one of the ingredients in the supplement. Vitamin C is also a strong antioxidant that can help to boost your immune system! 


Though TCM supplements may take a few months or more to see its effect, the results are long-term. Continuous consumption of TCM supplements nourishes the core of the body, and this in turn affects the rest of the organs of the body positively as well. As its approach is nourishing the body instead of treating the condition, TCM supplements keep and maintain the body in good health.

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在中医中,人们认为 虚会导致生气,易怒等。在滋养身体的过程中,您可以恢复气虚在体内的流动,达到阴阳平衡,改善整体情绪。