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With Singapore’s hot and humid weather all year round, it’s easy to get heaty. Other than environmental factors, heatiness in the body can also result from the amount of ‘heaty’ food you consume. Some common heaty foods are durian, chocolate, spicy food and more. When your body is heaty, it can cause acne, 喉咙疼痛, mouth ulcer and nose bleed. In more severe cases, it can lead to fever. 

Check out these Chinese Herbal Tea which you can get easily from Traditional Chinese Medicine (中医商店轻松获得的凉茶。他们将有助于消散体内的热气,还很经济,一点也不贵! 

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  • 和尚果(罗汉果)
  • 50 克 加糖冬瓜条 
  • 水 

掰下一小块水果,让它在热水中浸泡 10 分钟。滤出水果,就可以享用了。

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With its well-known cooling properties, Chrysanthemum tea has tons of benefits and is the herbal drink to go when the weather gets hot. You’ve probably seen your mom or someone in the house preparing Chrysanthemum tea to fight the heat. It’s effortless recipe makes it a popular choice amongst many households. 


  • 干菊花
  • 红枣
  • 枸杞
  • 冰糖

首先将枸杞和菊花浸泡15分钟。锅里的水烧开后,加入除冰糖外的所有成分。让它煨 15 分钟。炖好后,最后加入冰糖调味,待冰糖溶解后关火。把干菊花滤出来,就可以上桌了。

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Honeysuckle flowers have antibacterial and antiviral properties. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), honeysuckle flowers are cold in nature which can help to clear the heat in our body. At the same time, they help to detoxify the body by removing toxins. They’re especially good for inflammation too, so if you have mouth ulcers, honeysuckle flower tea will be the best for you! 


  • 金银花
  • 菊花
  • 冰糖
  • 水 

将金银花和菊花冲洗干净。漂洗后,将它们倒入一锅沸水中,静置 10 分钟。根据自己的喜好加入冰糖。把所有的花都滤出来,就可以上桌了。 

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  • 小冬瓜
  • 1杯大麦
  • 香兰叶
  • 2汤匙蜂蜜
  • 5杯水

用小火将水和大麦种子一起煮沸 15 分钟。 15分钟后,加入冬瓜块和香兰叶再焖15分钟。关掉炉子,让它冷却后再加入蜂蜜。 

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中医诊所通常推荐使用干百合 治疗咳嗽、喉咙干燥 和清热。除了饮料,它也常用于烹饪。 


  • 2个新鲜百合球茎
  • 40克新鲜银杏
  • 6颗新鲜莲子
  • 野生银耳4小耳
  • 3条蜜饯冬瓜条 
  • 冰糖适量 
  • 600毫升水

Soak a lily bulb and white fungus in water to remove dirt. Remove the petals from the bulb and tear the white fungus into smaller pieces. Add all the ingredients into a pot of water. After the water boils, transfer them to a double-boiler and boil it for 1-1.5 hours. Add rock sugar to taste.