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8 Foods You Should Avoid For Diabetes

As they always say, we are what we eat. If you are trying to keep your sugar level in check, the easiest way is to control the type of food you are putting into your body. Other than the few common foods most of us in general knows to avoid such as sugary drinks and sweets, here are 8 other foods that you should avoid to prevent that sugar spike.

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Fruit Juice

A daily serving of fruits is recommended for a well-balanced diet. But when it comes to diabetes, fruit juices aren’t any better for your health compared to a soda drink as they do contain as much sugar. Did you know that two freshly squeezed oranges contain 33 grams of sugar? So if you have been swapping soda drinks for fruit juices, it’s time to cut down on the cups of fruit juices!

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If you are taking medications for your diabetes, it’s best to check with your doctor when it comes to alcohol consumption. That’s because alcohol can interfere with your medication as some medications do not mix well with alcohol. Everyone should drink moderately – no more than one drink per day for the ladies and two drinks per day for the guys. 

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Full-fat dairy

Full fat dairy contains saturated fats that can raise your bad cholesterol levels, increasing your risk of heart disease. For diabetic patients, it poses another serious problem – it may increase your resistance to insulin, increasing your blood sugar. Opt for low-fat dairy the next time you feel like having your yogurt! If you need diary for a calcium boost, opt for bones and joint supplements

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Granola and breakfast bars

They are popular and also reputed as the healthier alternatives for breakfast. However, a small bar actually contains 25-30grams of sugar! So, before you reach for that granola bar the next time, take a look at its nutrition label and opt for those with lower sugar content. 

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Processed grains

Rice, bread, pasta – the staple food commonly seen in Singapore can cause a spike in your glucose level as once the body digests and breaks them down, they act like sugars. Swap them up for whole grain foods, such as brown rice, whole-grain bread and oatmeal! The body breaks them down slower compared to your other carbs so it will not dramatically affect your sugar level. 

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Natural sweeteners

Though natural sweeteners is a healthier choice compared to processed sugar, if you have diabetes it’s best to start cutting sugar entirely when you drink your coffee or tea. Whether it’s honey or sugar cubes, the body does not distinguish between them – they are all sugars to the body! Adding natural sweeteners will not help to control your sugar level, so try to forego them entirely and learn to enjoy the natural flavor of your beverages or food next time! 

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Dried fruit

Dried fruit are not necessarily bad for your sugar level – it’s not recommended as generally people tend to overeat when it comes to dried fruits. The dehydration process it undergoes removes water from the fruit so people can eat more servings of dried fruits compared to fruits itself. People with diabetes should be mindful of the amount they are eating so that they are not consuming too much sugar in one sitting. 

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French fries

And basically anything that is fried! If you have a craving for your usual fried chicken or french fries, try using an air-fryer instead. Anything that is fried and greasy is coated with lots of trans fat that is packed with calories. This can cause a spike in your blood sugar for a prolonged period as fats takes longer to break down. Eat healthier with some 保健品 instead!