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如果您的症状很严重并且需要就医,一些医生可能会建议您使用激素替代疗法 (HRT) 作为治疗更年期不良症状的一种治疗方法,例如大量出汗、潮热和失眠。然而,HRT 并不适合每一位女士,尤其是那些患有癌症、肝脏问题、中风、心脏病等其他疾病的女士。使用 HRT 治疗更年期症状也有负面影响。除了HRT,也有其他西药可以帮助缓解症状,但它们只能提供短期缓解。那么我们能做些什么来对抗更年期呢?

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First of all, lifestyle changes must be in place to take charge of the situation. Keeping to healthy diets and maintaining a strict and disciplined exercise regime will definitely help in relieving the symptoms and putting the body back to proper shape. Smoking and drinking should be avoided or kept to a minimum as well. The chemicals in cigarettes and alcohol are known to cause harm to the body. So keep off these bad habits to stay in shape. You can also choose to supplement 您也可以选择为身体补充有益的营养素和草药,以帮助您保持荷尔蒙平衡:

1. 红三叶草提取物: 雌激素对于女性保持最佳健康和年轻肌肤至关重要。当女性开始变老时,她们的雌激素分泌会下降,导致胶原蛋白水平下降,下垂组织逐渐增加,皮肤失去弹性。众所周知,红三叶草的异黄酮提取物有助于支持皮肤、呼吸系统和女性的健康。红三叶草 (Trifolium pratense) 是一种开花植物。像鹰嘴豆一样,它是一种豆类。传统上,红三叶草被用作草药,以其天然的植物雌激素平衡女性最佳荷尔蒙水平而闻名。红三叶草所含的异黄酮是大豆的 10 倍。红三叶草的这些异黄酮属于一种植物雌激素。植物雌激素的化学成分与雌激素相似,雌激素是一种随着更年期而下降的女性荷尔蒙。许多人使用红三叶草来缓解更年期症状,如潮热、失眠和易怒。

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2. 海藻(藻类)钙:: Modern science has established that estrogen deficiency is also an important factor for the high risk of osteoporosis in elderly women. Often, osteoporosis does not come with any obvious symptoms. Thus, it is even more vital to take care of our bones, even if we do not experience any bone or joint pain. Algae or seaweed calcium is a unique form of calcium extracted from non-rock source. This plant-based calcium is friendly to the body and contains much more trace minerals than the typical traditional rock-type calcium. It is also more easily absorbed into our body since the calcium and minerals are plant-based. As the chemical composition of the seaweed is more similar to the mineral composition in our human bones both in variety and quantity, it is much easier for our body to break down and absorb the desired nutrients into our bone structure.
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3. 中草药:: Many have sought the help of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to deal with the symptoms of menopause. Acupuncture is known to help with sleep management as well. However, if you are afraid of the tiny needles poking into your skin, fret not, you can consider the non-invasive approach of taking TCM herbs which are as good for the body. TCM herbs can help to improve our body blood circulation and nourish the skin complexion. Popular herbs like Dang Gui and Chai Hu are included to regulate the functions of our liver and promote the smooth flow of QI and blood in our bodies. A good combination of TCM herbs can help make sure the body’s yin-yang is kept in good balance!