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Do you feel pain in your heel as you step onto the ground in the morning when you get out of bed? Or does the pain happens later in the day as you walk or stand? The pain that occurs in the heel is also known as plantar fasciitis. 


In most cases, plantar fasciitis occurs gradually – starting out as mild pain and worsening as time goes by. While the mild pain can slowly disappear without any treatment needed, it can also become chronic, affecting your daily life. 

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Home Remedies

If you experience pain in your heels, here are 7 remedies which you can try at home for pain relief. 

    • Ice

      Place a pack of ice over the heel for 10 to 15 minutes daily and do it twice a day. You can also use a pack of frozen peas or prepare a bucket of shallow ice water to soak your heel in. 

    • Rest

      Try to rest your feet as much as possible by minimizing walking or standing. 

    • TCM Supplements

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    • Proper footwear

      If you have flat feet, get an insole to support your arch. Make sure that you are always wearing proper footwear such as running shoes and not training shoes when you run. Try placing foot supports in your shoes too to help ease the pain in the heel as you walk.

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  • Stretch

    While its important to stretch after exercising, it’s also important to stretch before exercising to warm up the muscles and loosen them. Stretch your calves and also the bottom of your foot. These exercises can help to strengthen the muscles around those areas, stabilizing your ankle by giving them better support as you walk. 

  • Athletic Tape

    You can also purchase athletic tape at drugstores to support your foot and prevent your foot from moving in a way that will worsen the plantar fasciitis. 

  • Weight Loss

    Gaining one kg of weight can increase the pressure on your feet, ankles and knees up to four times! Maintain a healthy weight to keep the pressure off your heel.