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No one wishes to have wrinkles on their faces, no matter how old they are. Everyone wants to have tight and firm skin, whether it is achieved through minor procedures like botox injections or treatments at beauty salons that promise skin tightening results. 

Here are 5 TCM treatments that can help with wrinkles.


 Ever heard your mom encouraging you to eat tofu if you want to have smooth skin? Well, there is indeed some truth in her words! Soya beans are used to make tofu, and they are rich in isoflavones and proteins. Both compounds found in soya beans have been shown to improve the 皮肤 by smoothing out wrinkles on the face, giving a more youthful appearance. Other than soya, another herb that is widely used in TCM prescriptions is Ginseng. Consuming ginseng is able to help enhance the synthesis of collagen in our body, brightening up our skin and also prevent UV damage from the sun. 

Facial Acupuncture

 Using hair-thin needles, the TCM physician will insert them into the various points of the body to help stimulate blood flow. So don’t worry if you’re afraid of pain and needles! In fact, most of the patients who underwent acupuncture had reported it to be painless! With better blood flow, the skin’s healing mechanism is enhanced, making the face more rejuvenated. Like the herbs, facial acupuncture can also help to promote the production of collagen which aids in reducing pore size as well as wrinkles.

Facial Cupping

Some TCM stores offer facial cupping treatment. Facial cupping helps to stimulate collagen, reducing fine lines and wrinkles on the face. The cups are also designed so that no marks will be left on the face after treatment!  


 You might have seen some beauty tools that promise to help customers achieve a more tight and firm skin. You can also achieve the same results at no-costs at all! In the morning, rub your hand together to create some heat and warmth. Sweep your hands from the forehead down to the chin for a minute or so. This not only helps improve the blood circulation in your face, but it also makes to wake you up and be more alert in the morning! 

Food supplement

 If getting your hands on some of the herbs is inconvenient or you just dislike the tast of it, food supplements are another alternative. 全连“大豆异黄酮片” are made with the extract from the active ingredient of soybean. It is a natural health supplement for women in regulating the necessary estrogens levels in the body, thus relieving menopausal discomforts. All Link Soy Isoflavones Tablets are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.