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痛风是 关节炎 which is caused by the build-up of uric acid in our body. An excessive amount of uric acid in the body will lead to the deposition and accumulation of the acid in the joints and soft tissues, resulting in sudden severe joint pains. 

Severe joint pains usually occur in the big joint of the big toe, but they can also occur in other joints, like wrists, ankles, fingers and knees as well. At times, intense joint pains might be accompanied with other symptoms like inflammation, redness, soreness and limited range of motion. Movement of the joints are usually restricted due to the discomfort and pain. 

So, what should you do if you are experiencing the symptoms of gout? It is important to go to a clinic to check the causes of your pain or discomfort. The healthcare practitioners may prescribe blood tests and conduct the necessary checks before making a proper diagnosis. 

After through a proper diagnosis and gaining a better understanding of your condition, you’ll be prescribed with the right medication to help with your pain. Other than western medicine, some may also turn to alternative treatments.

This article seeks to educate readers on how 中医药 如何帮助痛风患者减轻疼痛. 

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The most well-known modality of TCM treatment is none other than the use of herbal remedies. In TCM, there are many herbs that have been found to be helpful in treating the conditions of gout. One example of an effective chinese herb that can help to ease gout joint pain is Tu Fu Ling (土茯苓). Tu Fu Ling is known to clear heat and remove toxins. 

Other than that, Tu Fu Ling can also help to remove the dampness in the body and the affected joints. According to TCM theories, gout pain can be due to the accumulation of heat and dampness within the body. Thus, the use of this herb will deal with the patient’s heaty and damp condition. 

Another herb that is helpful for the gout condition is Dan Shen (丹参). While Tu Fu Ling seeks to remove heat and dampness from the body and affected areas, Dan Shen works differently by improving the blood circulation and relieving pain. By “moving blood” (活血), Dan shen can help to remove inflammatory components away from the sore and painful joints.

While there are many useful and effective chinese herbs that can possibly aid you in recovery, it is important to obtain a proper prescription or formula for consumption. A prescription or formula is a combination of different herbs which work synergistically together to attain the desired effects in the body. Nowadays, with the use of technology, the chinese remedies can be processed and made into powder and pills for easy consumption. Say goodbye to the hassle of boil herbs! 

If you have no time to visit a TCM physician in a clinic, you can visit traditional herbal halls, pharmacies or department stalls instead to look for ready-made TCM pills meant for gout pain treatments. Alternatively, for complete convenience, you can just simply shop online for good chinese proprietary medications for relief of gout pain symptoms. 

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The next widely practised mode of TCM treatment is acupuncture. Acupuncture seeks to treat the patients of their conditions via the use of the meridian theory (经络学说).

Acupoints are points located along the different meridians on our body. Through the stimulation of acupoints via the use of tiny needles, the patient can be treated accordingly. For example, for patients suffering from gout pain in the big toes, acupoints like Taichong can be used to relieve the pain. TCM practitioners can also use acupuncture to achieve healing effects like improving blood circulation to help ease inflammation.

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Other than treatments, TCM places a lot of emphasis on strict dietary adherence. Foods that are believed to increase the level of uric acid in our body should be reduced. Some examples include meat, seafood, fructose-sweetened beverages and beer. Those with recurrent gout attacks should be even more careful with their choice of meals.

In TCM, foods that can increase the heat and dampness in our body may also aggravate the inflammatory and pain conditions. Fried foods and beers are known to have this effect. While it may not affect everyone in the same manner due to different body constitutions, it is better to be safe than sorry. So, learn to stay away from these foods if you are experiencing bad gout attacks.



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