While many Singaporeans roughly know what each other means when we use the term ‘heaty’ and ‘cooling’, western medicine does not use such terms to explain the heat we feel in our body. 

But according to 中医, it is crucial to understand these terms and achieve a balance in the body. Just like yin and yang, the body can run into health issues when it is too heaty or when it is too cool. 

For ‘heaty’ food, they fall under the ‘yang’. Food such as durians, fried foods and chocolates are considered warm food that can help to improve your blood circulation. But when you consume too much, the toxins can accumulate in your body, making your body heaty and you’ll find yourself with a sore throat the next day, or a headache. 

For ‘cooling’ food, they fall under the ‘yin’. Coconut water, for example, is usually what Asian moms would tell their children to drink to reduce the ‘heatiness’ in the body. However, making the body too ‘cooling’ brings about its own set of problems as well, such as pale complexion and pain in the joints. 

1. Drink too little water

Actually, no matter what 常见疾病。 we have whether its sore throat, flu or even muscle aches, our moms will probably say the same thing – drink more water! Though our moms might be naggy, there is truth in their words! Be sure to drink 8 glasses of water daily! 

2. Eat too much fast food

Most of us like getting fast food for a meal as not only is it delicious, it comes with drinks and some sides making it very convenient! Other than fast food, eating snacks and other junk food is also another cause for ‘heatiness’ in the body. 

3. Staying up late

If you’re a night owl, you’ve probably been nagged by your mom to sleep earlier. And whenever you wake up the next morning feeling under the weather, it is all too familiar when we hear our mom nagging at us for not listening to them when they tell us to sleep earlier! The body requires at least 7 – 8 hours of sleep to rejuvenate the cells in the body, keeping the body functioning well. 

4. Always out of the house

Always rushing out of the house or running about to meet friends or for work? All mothers wish that their children can take care of themselves and having ample time to rest. Don’t find your mother naggy when she asks you to rest at home more because she is simply worried about your health! 

5. Playing too much video games

We’ve all been addicted to video games at some point, trying to clear as many stages as we can at one go. Staying fixated on the screen for many hours is bad not only for the eyes, but also affects the rest of the body functions as well being sedentary for most of the time! When you have headache the next day or ‘heatiness’ in the body, don’t be surprised when your mom blames it on your gaming habits!