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  • 忧郁症
  • 性欲丧失
  • ED(勃起功能障碍)
  • 情绪波动和烦躁
  • 失眠
  • 短期记忆  
  • 能源短缺


However, unlike menopause which females go through, ‘male menopause’ happens gradually. Symptoms in female menopause can be seen instantly as they are the result of a sudden drop in estrogen. For men, it is a steady decline – less than 2 percent a year starting from the age of 30 to 40. With this slight decline, it is unlikely that it will result in any significant changes. Any of the symptoms listed above are unlikely related to hormones. Therefore, ‘male menopause’ is a myth though the symptoms are similar to menopause. 

这些症状更有可能是由于心理问题,例如压力,抑郁和焦虑。这些可能来自工作,经济问题或家庭问题。 “中年危机”也可能是一个因素!有时缺乏睡眠或不良的饮食习惯也可能是一个因素。但是,如果感觉不对劲,最好去看医生,因为可能存在其他导致“男性更年期”的健康状况,例如性腺机能减退。 





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Get yourself in shape again with light, regular exercises such as morning jogs if you’re just starting out. You will feel lighter and it will help to improve your mood as well for the rest of the day. The trick to regular exercising is to make sure that it’s something you love to do! 

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When in doubt, it’s always best to visit a doctor for a check-up to find out if the symptoms of ‘male menopause’ you are currently experiencing is a psychological problem or a medical condition. 

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If you have been sleeping late or drinking alcohol excessively, time to stop these bad habits! Start paying attention to your daily routine and make some adjustments such as rising early for exercise! If after a few months the symptoms still exist, consult a doctor.