Image by @pabloheimplatz via Unsplash

Being newlyweds, marriage life might seem rosy – it’s as if things will only be smooth-sailing from now on and nothing can come between the two of you. However, what led to divorce most of the times are not because of extra-marital affairs, but small shocking habits which can affect your marriage unknowingly! Whether you’re a newlywed or have been married for a couple of years now, check out this list below and kick these small habits before it affects your marriage!

1. Rolling Your Eyes

 It might be part of your habit to roll your eyes whenever you hear a lame joke or something that doesn’t sink well with you when you’re hanging out with your friends. It doesn’t seem to affect your friendships much, so how can this instinctive habit affect your marriage? 

Rolling your eyes at your partner is dismissing whatever she has said – whether she is making a joke or a comment. She will feel that she is not taken seriously or being appreciated, which may lead to frustration. Instead of rolling your eyes and just dismissing whatever she has said, tell her exactly how you feel instead.

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2. Not Keeping Track Of Your Finances

You might be well-off, you might be not, but you and your partner should be on the same page when it comes to the finances. Couples usually split because of financial stress – one party might be trying hard to save money while the other party might just be spending it on things that don’t seem to matter as much. Disagreement in the way the family should be using the money will cause friction over-time, leading to a split as both cannot see eye-to-eye with regards to their finances. Talk about your spending habits, come to an agreement, set a budget and stick to it. 

3. Making Decisions Solo

It might seem normal for you to be making decisions on your own without consulting your partner, but pride has led many marriages to end up in divorce. Including each other in the process of decision-making helps in communication and to build a stronger relationship where the opinions of both parties are respected. 

4. Making Empty Promises

Actions speak louder than words – your spouse needs to know that she can trust you to stay true to your words. When you do what you say, it can provide a sense of safety for her, knowing that she can always trust you. Being flippant about your words creates distrust and this will slowly eat away at your marriage.   

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5. Not Asking How Your Partner’s Day Been

Couples can grow distant when both are not interested in how your partner’s day has been. Making small talks allow both partners to feel connected to each other, despite the hours they are apart. It’s a simple but powerful question to show that you still care about her feelings and what’s going on though it might be mundane. Make time during dinner or just before bedtime to listen to her – sometimes all she needs is a listening ear.